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Take quick exercise breaks

Fit As is a handy app that can help you take short exercise breaks in between your other important activities, ensuring that you are still living a fit and healthy lifestyle. As we all know, working and sitting down all day at work can be pretty tiring, both physically and mentally. A little bit of stretching and movement can go a long way in improving not only your performance but as well as your overall health and fitness. Fit As will happily assist you with that.

A simple app for your simple needs

This app is straightforward with its services. No thanks to its lack of other advanced features that most fitness trackers usually have. What Fit As does, is it simply records the time and distance that its users would be able to cover in their short walks. It is basic, but it does an okay job at keeping track of the distance you've traveled, and the time you spent to cover that. For instance, short walks could simply be a quick trip from your office to the nearest convenience store across the street. Or it can also be a quiet walk around the city if you want momentary peace away from your stressful work. After you are done with your short walks, the app will keep a log of your activity.

There are no other remarkable features other than Fit As’ attempts to motivate its users to take a break and walk. The app’s penguin mascot, Mr. Flibble, shows up on your screen with his red glowing eyes to remind you to take a walk or else he will get angry. It is not exactly threatening nor an effective scare tactic, but it is nice to think that Fit As did put some effort in urging its users to take a break. We should still be thankful for the reminder. 

Walking is the best form of exercise

What we like about this app is because of its little capabilities, it does not demand a lot of activity. At the same time, no pressure comes from using this app with how boring and lacking its interface looks. Fit As does what it has to do and goes, never being intrusive and attention-seeking, unlike other professional fitness and exercise trackers. 


  • Lightweight
  • Quick installation
  • Reminds users to take a walk
  • Easy to use


  • Lacks other basic fitness tracker features
  • No advanced features
  • Does not record heart rate and water intake
  • Simple and boring interface

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Fit as


Fit as 1.42 for Android

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